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    Cars Type Price (Unggul Sakti Rupiah 2014)
    Reva (Sedan)

    A M/T Rp63,000
    S M/T Rp64,500
    S CVT Rp67,000
    Prestige Vti Rp73,000
    Reva (Station Wagon)

    A M/T Rp76,000
    A Spoke M/T Rp78,500
    S M/T Rp83,200
    S CVT Rp85,300
    Prestige Vti Rp87,650
    Reva (MPV)

    S M/T Rp90,000
    S CVT Rp94,430
    E M/T Rp98,200
    E CVT Rp102,560
    XB (Hatchback)

    A M/T Rp70,000
    S M/T Rp72,730
    S CVT Rp73,500
    Sports M/T Rp78,900
    Sports CVT Rp79,450
    XB (Liftback)

    Vti 1.8 M/T Rp112,000
    Vti 2.0 A/T Rp114,680
    RS 2.0 A/T Rp121,900

    A M/T Rp108,600
    S M/T Rp115,400
    S A/T Rp115,820
    E M/T Rp123,700
    E A/T Rp128,760

    S M/T Rp126,000
    S A/T Rp128,000
    E M/T Rp136,000
    E A/T Rp142,000
    Hybrid S M/T Rp328,000
    Hybrid S A/T Rp334,000
    Hybrid E M/T Rp341,200
    Hybrid E A/T Rp350,000

    A M/T Rp96,000
    S M/T Rp102,300
    S CVT Rp104,320
    E M/T Rp107,760
    E C…

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  • LFCLovers9

    Enhanced smart power is the engine by Honda.

    Originated from Honda PCX, from 2012, year launch of Honda Click 125i or Honda Vario 125 was equipment after Honda PCX get new engine.

    late-2014, Honda BeAT eSP & Honda BeAT POP eSP was launched on 3rd and 4th eSP-Equipment on Scooter, and later next month Honda Vario 150 eSP was launched on 5th eSP-Equipment on scooter.

    eSP 100% efficient than PGM-FI.

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