Cars Type Price (Unggul Sakti Rupiah 2014)
Reva (Sedan)
A M/T Rp63,000
S M/T Rp64,500
S CVT Rp67,000
Prestige Vti Rp73,000
Reva (Station Wagon)
A M/T Rp76,000
A Spoke M/T Rp78,500
S M/T Rp83,200
S CVT Rp85,300
Prestige Vti Rp87,650
Reva (MPV)
S M/T Rp90,000
S CVT Rp94,430
E M/T Rp98,200
E CVT Rp102,560
XB (Hatchback)
A M/T Rp70,000
S M/T Rp72,730
S CVT Rp73,500
Sports M/T Rp78,900
Sports CVT Rp79,450
XB (Liftback)
Vti 1.8 M/T Rp112,000
Vti 2.0 A/T Rp114,680
RS 2.0 A/T Rp121,900
A M/T Rp108,600
S M/T Rp115,400
S A/T Rp115,820
E M/T Rp123,700
E A/T Rp128,760
S M/T Rp126,000
S A/T Rp128,000
E M/T Rp136,000
E A/T Rp142,000
Hybrid S M/T Rp328,000
Hybrid S A/T Rp334,000
Hybrid E M/T Rp341,200
Hybrid E A/T Rp350,000
A M/T Rp96,000
S M/T Rp102,300
S CVT Rp104,320
E M/T Rp107,760
E CVT Rp109,800
RS M/T Rp114,300
RS CVT Rp117,650
A M/T Rp86,990
A ALPHA M/T Rp89,230
S Vti M/T Rp113,299
S Vti CVT Rp118,235
E Vti M/T Rp131,200
E Vti CVT Rp132,000
A M/T Rp100,700
A ALPHA M/T Rp105,600
S M/T Rp116,580
S A/T Rp121,800
E M/T Rp131,200
E A/T Rp137,000
Vti A/T Rp143,201
Vti-L A/T Rp145,900
Full Spec CVT Rp322,000
LB2 "Verizona"
2.0 M/T Rp164,000
2.0 A/T Rp171,220
2.4 A/T Rp173,450
1.8 M/T Rp214,800
1.8 A/T Rp218,000
2.1 "LOUREM" A/T Rp248,000
2.1 4x4 A/T Rp256,700
2.1 A/T Rp236,000
S 2.2 M/T Rp216,880
S 2.2 CVT Rp224,999
E 2.2 M/T Rp245,699
E 2.2 CVT Rp258,700
Prestige 2.7 CVT Rp287,600
A ALPHA M/T Rp100,000
S Vti M/T Rp107,400
S Vti CVT Rp112,030
E Vti M/T Rp125,400
E Vti CVT Rp127,600
S M/T Rp221,000
S CVT Rp228,000
E M/T Rp248,700
E CVT Rp252,300
SE CVT Rp289,900
Vti-L CVT Rp210,000
Prestige Rp227,000

New Product

A M/T Rp71,500
S M/T Rp76,720
S CVT Rp81,900
E M/T Rp86,500
E CVT Rp93,250
RS M/T Rp95,500
RS CVT Rp100,000
Hybrid S M/T Rp296,000
Hybrid S CVT Rp307,000
Hybrid E M/T Rp331,800
Hybrid E CVT Rp335,000
Hybrid RS M/T Rp346,700
Hybrid RS CVT Rp354,600

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